The essential HR management information data that
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Sub. : The essential HR management information data that the CEO of the Korean branch of a foreign company and HR manager should know - sharing of other annual salary survey data including 2020_Salary_Forcast.




We wish you great success in your company.



This is [G-CEO] of the Korea Foreign Company Representative Directors Association, a division under the Gov. of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in Korea


Our association helps the successful business of Country Manager by sharing the successful management cases of foreign-invested companies and various useful management data to the country manager of foreign-invested Korean branches.


The updated data distribution is as below.


1. Summary of 2019 payroll survey data for foreign companies (including Country manager / HR manager by industry and job)

Investigation Period : June 2019 to December 2019 


2. 2020_Salary_Forecast


3. 2019 Ministry of Employment and Labor Survey Data  (Excel  File)         

Investigation Period : June 2019 to December 2019 



Excel  Data

- February 2020–Basic Statistical Survey on Wage Structure_Analysis Results

- 2019 Survey Statistics on_wage_and_working hours by age

- 2019 Survey statistics on_wage_and_working hours by educational background

- 2019 Gender_wage_and_working hours survey statistics

- January 2020 industry_wage_and_work hours_accumulated by size

- 2019 Industrial_wage_and_working hours survey statistics by size

- 2019 Industrial_Gender_wage_and_Working Conditions_ Survey Statistics

- 2019 Industrial_years of service_gender_wage_and_working conditions_statistics

- 2019 Number of Career Years_Gender_wage_and_Working Conditions_ Survey Statistics

- 2019 Occupational_Gender_wage_and_Working Conditions_ Survey Statistics

- 2019 Survey Statistics for Wage and Working Hours by Employment Type


Other PDF Materials

- Review of job evaluation tools by industry (education materials for the HR team leader)

- A Survey on the Wage System in 2018

- Keeping up with job-oriented HRmanagement (Human Resources Practitioner Training Material)

- The results of a survey on wage decisions of labor unions and employers in 2019  (Training materials for labor union and C&B)

- Wage Information Brief No.2 2020


Please understand that the volume of the data is so huge that the E mail  cannot be sent, so we have to upload it to the library of the association's homepage.


How to obtain data 


Common Essential: Join the G-CEO Association homepage and go to the archives

Subscribe to the website url :


the archives url :


Password is locked in compressed file for each file due to copyright protection policy.

If you send a password inquiry to the Secretary-General via E mail , we will guide you.


Best Regards / End.


Global Enterprise CEO Association (G-CEO)   President of Association ( A skip official seal )



Secretariat Special Notice


- We recommend you to sign up as a new full member in the first half of 2020.


- We offer a 50% discount on subscription fees for those who sign up by May 29, 2020. ( The annual fee is extra)

- As a benefit, the member companies that have joined G-CEO regular membership offer free corporate promotion and product promotion regardless of the number of times of the year through the Internet news media affiliated with the association. Exposing articles on major Internet portal sites - Foreign Business News in Korea - See GEN Search

- For more information, contact the G-CEO Secretary General. ( 02-3452-8603 ) e mail  :     



The jurisdiction of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in Korea

Global Enterprise CEO Association in Korea

 [G-CEO Executive Office] 129, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Nonhyeon-dong, Geopyeong Town No. 823)

Tel: 02-3452-8603, e-mail: 

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