2020 Survey on Salary and Benefits of Foreign Comp
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Date: 2020- 5- 12
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Refer.: Head of HR or HR Team Leader / Secretary
From: Global Enterprise CEO Association in Korea
An officer in charge: [KOFEN HR] HR Market Research Tem

Sub. : 2020 Survey on Salary and Benefits of Foreign Companies in Korea
(Compensation & Benefit Survey 2020 )
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Dear,  ${EMS_M_NAME} ${field1} 

We wish you great success in your company.

I would like to express my deep respect to your president and employees who are striving to overcome the crisis in times of economic hardship caused by Covid19.

( This Survey is in Korean language , so I would appreciate it if you could forward it to the HR manager of your company. )

We ask for your cooperation as we are conducting an increased wage survey in 2020 to prepare for next year's pay increase.

This Survey is anonymous and is fully secured and will be shared only with the members who participated in the Survey. Even if you are busy, please invest your valuable time and participate in the Survey. The estimated time for the Survey is between 7 and 14 minutes.

The following are the four main meanings of our association Survey in terms of market research.

- The fact that consumers directly become the main agents of the survey and conduct Survey without participating in the payroll survey at a high cost to commercial research institutes.

- Although some overseas search firms and some agencies conducted surveys and made announcements, the investigation period is not accurate because it was from June to December of 2019 last year.
  However, the survey period of our association will be conducted from mid-April 2020 to the end of May 2020 when all the wage increase negotiations for 2020 have been completed, so more accurate 2020 salary survey data can be obtained.

- Anonymous survey by SurveyMonkey does not expose sensitive security of companies, and statistical analysis of data can also be obtained through Logic function through Survey Monkey

- In the spirit of non-profit and sharing, reliable and reliable data can be obtained without incurring costs according to the mission of sharing among practitioners of participating companies.

Best Regards / End.

Result sharing is done by all participating companies participating in the survey.
(조사결과자료는 조사 종료후 서베이에 참여하신 기업담당에게만 공유 예정 입니다.)

Participation Method
(서베이 참여 방법)

Click on the survey url link  and enter the data.

(  Benefits  Survey )

(  Salary Survey )

A method of verifying factual verification of participation in investigation for data sharing
(자료공유를 위한 조사참여 사실확인 인증방법 )

Send an email with the last completed investigation page scanned or attached as a screen capture
(마지막 조사완료 페이지를 스캔 또는 화면 Capture 로  첨부하여  이메일 송부)

Deadline for Submission : Friday, May 29, 2020

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